The Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland (JLTI) Logo Design

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland (JLTI). To mark this milestone, the JLTI commissioned a logo which can be used on our website and printed materials for many years to come.

Thank you for many entries for the JLTI’s Logo Design Competition.

The winning design was announced at the 18th Speech Contest in Ireland on Saturday 7th March 2020. The winner is Saki Migliorato. Congratulations!


For this competition, I wanted to create a simple but meaningful design that incorporates the origami crane.

As a half-Japanese girl growing up in Hawaii (who attended Japanese school on Saturdays), I used to love doing origami with my grandparents during the summers. I learned early on that the not only is the papercrane an origami staple, it is also a symbol of peace, particularly in Hiroshima where my grandparents are from.

The crane felt like the perfect design to represent JLTI’s international nature and how language learning promotes understanding between cultures.

My logo features a string of cranes in the colours of the Irish flag- green, white, and orange. By combining the tricolour with the traditional crane, I wanted to show the intersectionbetween the two countries.

*Entry to the competition is now closed.

Rules & Submission Guidelines


The logo contest is open to everyone. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign the consent block on the Entry Form (Word, PDF).


  • To enter the contest, eligible participants must accept and agree to comply with the contest rules and submission guidelines.
  • Participants can submit a maximum of 2 entries but these must be separate submissions.
  • Entries will only be accepted from individuals, not from pairs, teams or groups.
  • Entries which do not adhere to the rules and guidelines will not qualify for judging.
  • A description of the logo must be submitted, and should not exceed 200 words.

Note: The explanation of the winning design will be publicised.


  • Must be creative, original and not previously published either in Ireland or any other country.
  • Must have the letters “JLTI”.
  • Not include any material (photograph, icon, symbol, etc.) that is copyright protected by any person or organisation/club/society.
  • Reproduce well in electronic and print media.
  • Be legible when reproduced in small and large scale and various surfaces.
  • Be visually effective when used in colour or in grayscale.


A signed statement by the participant that the logo design does not and will not violate copyrights, trademark rights, or infringe upon other rights of any third parties is required.

  • Only entries by e-mails are accepted.
  • All logo entries must be submitted together with an entry form (Word, PDF)  to
  • The acceptable image file formats are .png, .jpg, jpeg, vector & pdf (Resolution of 300 dpi and file size less than 5 MB). Your logo design is only required in ONE of the above mentioned formats.

Note: The submitted design may be requested to be converted to another format.

  • Entries should be submitted in both colour and its black and white version.
  • If the logo incorporates fonts, you must be able to provide us with the font names should your logo be selected.


Your logo design and completed entry form must be sent by Friday 31 January 2020 to


The winning logo design will receive:

  1. A certificate from the JLTI
  2. One4all voucher worth €200
  3. An invitation to the official logo launch at the 18th Japanese Speech Contest in Ireland which will take place on Saturday 7 March 2020
  4. The opportunity to be featured on the JLTI website


Judging will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Originality of the design
  • Visual appeal reflecting goals, objectives and aspirations of the JLTI
  • Adherence to the logo design guidelines


The submitted logo designs will be evaluated by the logo committee within the JLTI. A shortlist will be voted on by JLTI members to select a winner.

The decision of the JLTI will be final and no appeal against the decision will be considered.


The result will be announced on the website and Social Media of JLTI.

Any applicant who does not wish to disclose their name must inform their wish to the JLTI in writing in an e-mail to on application.


  • The submitted logo design must be an unpublished one both in Ireland and abroad, and will not violate copyrights, trademark rights, or infringe upon other rights of any third parties.
  • In the event that any works are found to infringe the provisions of public order and standards of decency stipulated in the laws and regulations, contain defamatory contents, infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, and so forth, the entry shall be rejected even after it is selected as the winning design. In addition, if the submitted design is found to resemble a similar artwork, the JLTI reserves the right to reject it even after it is selected as the winning design. The JLTI shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any inconvenience and damage that may arise as a result of the aforementioned cases.
  • Any falsifications made in the entry will render it null and void even after the submitted design is selected as the winning design.
  • The selected design may be subject to instructions for alterations and corrections and deemed as the final design after such actions are completed. However, if the design or the applicant is unable to fulfil such conditions, or is unable to agree on the design alteration, the entry will be rejected even after it is being selected as the winning design.
  • The entrant of the selected design shall not exercise moral rights of an author, and all other rights pertaining to the selected design shall belong to the JLTI.
  • Personal information of the entrants will not be disclosed to any third party with the exception of name and organisation.
  • We will not send you an acknowledgement of receipt as well as notification to the successful/unsuccessful entries. Moreover, we will not respond to any enquiries on the selection process.
  • JLTI reserves the right to modify all or any element of the logo design, colours, fonts, etc. at any time in the future as it deems necessary.


By participating in the contest, participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions as established above, which can be amended or modified at any time by the JLTI.

All contest related questions should be directed to